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Oct 28, 2018 · The Chinese equivalent of yandere is 病娇,黑化is the process of becoming darker, which may or may not be yandere (could just be more ruthless or posessive but not yandere levels) tbh, even just looking for novels with the terms, sometimes they aren't quite yandere, but more severe version of overly posessive. 偏执 love interest. Yandere Books. For light novels and - gasp - books that aren't Japanese! 14: 71: Lorna - a "completed" comic strip series by jhalemoreno Aug 18, 2020 23:10:58 GMT: Yandere Music. 68: 352: Serial Killer by sumofnothing Dec 9, 2020 18:30:13 GMT: Yandere Video Games and VNs. 54: 559: A Cold Love Story by silentcal Sept 12, 2020 21:20:10 GMT ...