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Semi-conservative Replication is copying exactly the genetic information carried in a double-stranded DNA molecule, by breaking the weak, H-bonds between complementary bases so that the two strands can separate, and using each strand as a template to build a new complementary strand with nucleotides made in the cell. Oct 15, 1999 · DNA polymerase : adds new nucleotides at free 3'ends of growing chain, uses base-pairing rules to insert complementary nucleotides (A opposite T, G opposite C, etc.) Can keep on adding indefinitely for millions of nucleotides if not blockage. Also removes RNA primers, fills in gaps by base pairing, inserts new DNA nucleotides to replace RNA primer. Helicase pulls apart or unzips the DNA Helix to separate the two strands creating a Replication fork; DNA polymerases: (PAHL-uh-muh-rays) bond the new nucleotides together on each DNA Parent strand. Because of the orientation of the DNA Strands are different, one original strand is replicated continuously, and the other is replicated in fragments.