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Darth Malgus is a major antagonist in the Star Wars franchise. He was a Human male Sith Lord of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. He was born Veradun within Imperial space, and raised by his adoptive father. While still young, Veradun killed a Twi'lek servant on his father's estate, revealing the dark will behind his sensitivity to the Force. The young boy was subsequently sent to ... The Spectre has quickly become one of our favorite sabers in the arsenal- and we're sure you're going to agree. This saber packs an MHS Compatible emitter and pommel, top to bottom etching, and more! Dec 23, 2020 · SaberForge (1.11") All-in-One Chassis. So this was owned by a former club racer who was very meticulous about his stuff. SaberForge (1.11") for sale it comes with it's original paper envelope, it still has a very fine condition. Please examine photos and submit a... Passionately designed by the Rotorua Web Design team at Go Robot Ltd.Ruthlessly effective Internet marketing. The enthusiast products listed on this website are in no way affiliated, associated, licensed or endorsed by Disney or Lucasfilm Ltd., Industrial Light and Magic or any of their associates.